We're a team of female strategists, entrepreneurs, creatives, and storytellers.

We believe that beyond solving a problem, brands have the power to shape who we are.

Gracie Thomas

Founder // Creative Director

Gracie started and sold her first company before the age of 20. Taking what she learned as a young entrepreneur, in the Business Honors program and as a Marketing major at the University of Texas, and as the marketing director for a wealth management group, she founded the GT Studio in 2020. Gracie has a passion for bringing more authenticity, integrity, and meaningful connection into the branding and marketing world and loves working with purpose-driven brands. 

Stacey Smith

brand strategy // design

Caitlyn Wooldridge

brand activation

Julia Streller

copywriting // messaging

We believe...

the gt studio manifesto

Our deepest desire as humans is intimate connection. While not all connections can be done face-to-face, we can at least make it feel like it. Everyone has a story worth telling, and there's always someone who needs to hear it. Stories have been connecting people since the beginning. Authenticity wins every time and good branding is not a bandaid for bad business. Our world is full of toxic chemicals, products, and people, and we're here to focus on making people feel good, whether that's through the environment they're in, the products they use, the clothes that they wear, or the services and people they invest in. 

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